My name is Christian Flores-Carignan. I grew up in Chula Vista, CA, about halfway between downtown San Diego and the U.S.-Mexico border.  My life, since introduced to European history in 10th grade, has been devoted to the pursuit of truth and progress.

Some more particular interests of mine include the following:

-Advancing the “Enlightened Economy” (solidarity economics, humanistic management)
-Economic Development
-Integrated Social Science Theory
-Deep and Critical Thinking
-Humanistic Psychology
-Improving Media Content
-Addressing Information Glut
-Reforming Educational Institutions
-Facilitating the sharing of knowledge and resources amongst progress seekers (non-profits, governments, individuals, ethical businesses)
-Transcending Ideology
-Civil/Political Engagement

You can find me on Twitter @ twitter.com/truthnprogress

You can read about my lifestyle architecture services @ thelifestylearchitect.net


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